“… The result of having a relationship with God is fulfilment, transformation, the releasing of one’s own inner potential and receiving the treasures that one has always wanted. Once I discovered that relationship with God, I began to play with it and develop many different facets that really gave me the possibility of exploring new relationships with people around me…”

From ‘Touched by God, women’s stories of spiritual transformation’, by Jacqueline Berg

“… Many women nowadays suffer from anorexia or obesity… They are different sides of the same coin and come from feelings of inferiority and anger, when there is no love for the self. Low self esteem is very common these days… we are increasingly living an unnatural lifestyle … women have a greater capacity to start turning things around… women are more open-minded about spirituality and more ready to consider something different …It’s mainly women who understand that there has to be an alternative way of living, and begin the path that leads us back to God and spiritual values.”

From ‘Why women believe in God’, by Liz Hodgkinson in conversation with Sister Jayanti.