Letting Go And Being Free

To teach myself to look at things from many different perspectives is the path of spirituality. We spend most of our lives holding on to so many things, usually framed by the past, that we never truly know what it means to be free. Sometimes we think that things can only be accomplished by holding on, whether it’s relationships or situations. Yet to hold a bird, tightly, we’d probably squeeze the life out of it. Even holding the bird gently, the bird is not fulfilling its purpose of existence, which is to fly… read more

The Personal and Spiritual Perspective on Non-violence and Peace

Is the original nature of the human good or evil or a combination of both? Today we see a combination, we see divine and devilish traits functioning together in human life and yet so often it is the devilish traits that dominate. However, if we are the creation of the Divine then surely divine qualities are the original inherent state of the human being. We often too have this experience of the inherent goodness of the soul… read more