Meditation and Inner Peace

In the role of a senior teacher of Raja Yoga meditation, Sister Jayanti is renowned for an ability to share an in-depth understanding of spiritual knowledge and meditation experiences. Her practice of meditation, not theory, remains paramount and allows her to be a clear instrument for others, due to her constant attention to her own personal change.

Raja Yoga meditation, which underpins the insights shared by Sister Jayanti, is a powerful method for connecting to the positive, nurturing, loving and strengthening inner aspects of life. This simple meditation doesn’t require a mantra, chanting, special postures or external scenes of beauty. It does, however, have a high aim: becoming a self-sovereign, master of the mind and senses. This method invokes a natural dignity in us that is capable of bringing strength and beauty into our relationships and behaviour. This dignity emerges when we renew our awareness of the inner self, the essence of our being, in relationship with the Divine. This meditation can be carried inside ourselves so that we can practise it, not just when we’re sitting quietly, but also as we continue to fulfil our daily tasks and responsibilities.

The inner journey starts with a very simple step: visualizing the essence of the self as a tiny star situated between the eyes at the centre of the forehead. This is the ‘I’ within, who thinks, feels, dreams, understands, interprets and responds to the physical world around us. A good analogy is a miner’s lamp, although that is still a physical object, external to its owner, this light of inner awareness, the light of I, the soul, radiates from a dimensionless point. When we allow our consciousness to rest in this awareness and identity of being a point of light, we are able to let go of thoughts and feelings concerning the body and its activities and relationships. No longer pulled this way and that by the flux of events, we feel better able to be ourselves.

Yoga means ‘union’ and, when attention goes inside in this way, a memory begins to stir of a deep connectedness to all of life, lying behind the physical differences. Mundane concerns lose significance, mental noise is reduced and our higher nature emerges. This is nourished most powerfully by the feeling and awareness that we are one family of humanity, offspring of a Supreme Parent or Seed, the One who has been known as God.

Meditation, accurately directed, makes God accessible to everyone. We become better able to make choices that we feel happy with the next day or the next week or ten years later. So often on the journey of life, we come to a crossroad and make choices that, with hindsight, may be seen as not wise. The bumps and twists that follow may be with us long afterwards and we have to live with the results of our decisions. Especially in today’s climate, when it is difficult to know what the future holds or how things may lie, our choices carry more significance than ever. Our decisions require not only logic and reason, but also an appreciation of truth and a sense of intuition.

In Raja Yoga meditation, as with the self, God is visualized as a star, a singular source of consciousness, non-physical and eternal. However, whereas the natural wisdom and goodness of human beings has often become depleted, this One is understood and experienced as being totally giving, radiating a divine light that is like the energy of truth.

The path of meditation does not have to cut us off from others, as some believe. Instead, by liberating us from negative influences, it increases our ability to be ourselves and to serve and co-operate with others. It enables us to draw on God’s love and wisdom. It opens up our understanding and perception so that we begin to take charge of our feelings, emotions and future.

This meditation is not difficult, and it costs nothing. All it requires is our attention – our will. If we are willing to learn to meditate, to understand a few basic concepts, and to give the time and commitment to practising them, our lives will be transformed in a natural and simple way.