Compassion and Healing

Sister Jayanti is an authority on inner healing and spiritual health. Through her deep understanding of the human heart and its condition, she uses her knowledge to help people connect to themselves and create a closer relationship with the Divine. In her book ‘God’s Healing Power’ she guides the individual along this spiritual journey.

If we think about that which we know to be right, compassion comes to the fore. Compassion is related to respect, dignity, love, care, kindness and mercy. So what can I do to access compassion within myself? I believe that every human being, in a natural and pure way, carries compassion within the self. But somehow our experiences make us forget to connect with this quality. Spirituality and my own experience would say that when we live life externally (at the material level), we forget to look within and connect with what is going on deep inside the self. The Brahma Kumaris philosophy would say that whatever is going on inside is what gets expressed on the outside and, when I am not connected and have lost touch with those things, my outside expression will become hard and brittle.

The first step is to remove my negativity and reconnect with my inner compassion. This step requires me to go on an inner journey, where I am able to discover my qualities of peace, love, kindness and compassion. If I can ‘touch’ this reservoir again and again through the day, keeping it alive inside, then it will be expressed in my life and also my actions. So it is the inner journey that will help connect me to my compassion.

The next step is related to an awareness of God. When I hear about world events, I understand that we have forgotten about spirituality and have moved away from ‘spirit’, which is life itself; we have forgotten the singularly important thing about life. When I review our spiritual values and reflect on where these values lie, they lie within the inner being, therefore they are not an external part of me. It is only when I go on the journey within that I am able to connect with the inner spirit and find the values. Values are the most important aspect of life. In fact, they are the bedrock of civilization.

Not only is compassion missing in health care, but compassion is missing in human life. Instead of compassion, ego and selfishness prevail. Looking at the big picture, this global malaise has weakened all aspects of living. The two main reasons are, firstly, we have lost touch with the spirit within and, secondly, we have either put God on the backburner or we have removed God from our lives completely. Although many devoted people believe in the Divine, yet, there is lack of courage to speak about God openly.

I would now like to address the second question about how to manage ‘compassion fatigue’ and burnout, and the escalating pressures that each person is called to manage in their own way. How do I manage to stay human, never mind anything more than that? I have to find a way to be able to recharge my own inner battery.

Spirituality has taught me a method to be able to recharge the inner being. This method shows me how to connect with the Divine, the Source of light, might, peace and love. If I can connect my mind with the Source of light and love, then I will be able to draw strength into the self. In whatever capacity I serve, for whatever time, I am well advised to not give of my own energy and deplete myself, but I need to learn to let the flow of energy come from the Divine so that I can give what is needed.

Even during routine daily activity, I need to replenish my stock of energy. With my connection with God, I am able to draw from Him and fill myself with whatever I need. We, the Brahma Kumaris, use a system of stopping for a minute every hour called ‘traffic control’. Soft music plays which signals us to pause for 1-3 minutes and use that time to reflect and reconnect both within and above and recharge. Equally, at the end of each day it is important to conduct a personal audit and review; what is it that I could have done differently? If I don’t do this each evening, mistakes will multiply and issues will be covered up. The second reflection can be; is there anything I learnt today? If I use these two questions in my personal audit each night then there is a strong likelihood that my levels of compassion will continue to grow and be expressed in my actions. A meditation practice offers a powerful tool both to emerge compassion and kindness within, and to keep it alive, such that we never reach a point of either physical or emotional fatigue.

Spirituality helps me transcend all limits and enables me to have love and concern for everyone. But, the question arises; is it possible to teach young people these things? It is not just a question of the young, but whoever I am, I need to make that journey inwards and connect with the Divine to allow inherent compassion to open up. When I am in touch with my own dignity then I can see the dignity in others and healing energy flows. When there is the self-esteem of spirituality, discriminatory behaviour ceases and only love and well-being is visible.